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Clínica Dental Santana

Nuestras terapias están basadas en la evidencia científica y abordan el dolor buscando su origen.


In our clinic we alleviate and stop periodontal disease by scaling and root planing and / or surgery, when the latter would be necessary.

The root scraping and smothing remove contaminants (plaque, calculus, cement), adhered to the surfaces of the tooth roots.

Smoothed surfaces of these roots to facilitate adhesion of the gum to the tooth.

We reduce periodontal pockets in order to allow the patient to brush properly in the crevicular sulcus (slit between the gum and the tooth).

In the event that surgery is necessary, our task will be to:

Expose the roots into the deeper part of the bags to allow or facilitate scraping and smothing of the root.

Reduce pocket depth.

Regularize the surface of the roots in order to facilitate the adhesion of the gum.

Create a favorable bone morphology around and between the gingival roots.

Regenerate bone, especially in defects around dental roots.