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Clínica Dental Santana

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Oral Surgery

Using surgery, we perform the following types of interventions:

Extraction of root remains.

Extraction of teeth: Sometimes is most appropriate to remove a tooth when it is unrecoverable or harmful to the patient’s oral health.

Including tooth extraction or semi-enclosed: Sometimes we find teeth that have not come to erupt and have stayed in the interior of bone. In such cases, if the orthodontic traction is not feasible, it is recommended the removal due to the possibility of infection, pain, cavities of the adjacent teeth, crowded teeth or jaw structure weakening.

Periapical Surgery: Removal of chronic inflammation, jaw cysts or cysts in periapical areas (ie, near the tip of one or several dental roots).

Preprosthetic surgery: Adaptation of bone and gum to properly receive a dental prosthesis.

Periodontal Surgery (LINK to PERIODONCIA)

Frenectomy: Removing bridles labial or lingual frenulum.

Dental implantology: An implant is a small elongated screw shaped piece of a special biocompatible material (titanium or zirconium) which, once placed in the bone, is integrated into it. Thus, we mimic the function of following one or more missing teeth. This piece is attached a prosthesis intended to replace the lost tooth

Sinus lift: Sometimes, the jawbone is not enough to allow us to properly position an implant, sinus lift, allows us to leverage the hollow of the maxillary sinus to introduce and generate bone that allows us to place adequate fixation.