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Clínica Dental Santana

Nuestras terapias están basadas en la evidencia científica y abordan el dolor buscando su origen.


Orthodontic treatments aim to:

  • Tooth relocation for functional purposes and/or aesthetic.
  • Improve/guide maxillary development (dentofacial orthopedics).

Orthodontic types include:

  • Fixed. It is the most common, combined with other submodalities.
  • Removable: Active mobile plates, orofacial braces, flexible devices, etc.
  • Combination of both.

What makes us different?

We are experts in treatments:


Occlusion is how the dental arches are related to each other through the teeth. The occlusion problems arise from lack of anatomical correction in the teeth, mandible and / or maxilla, causing dysfunctions lunchtime and may lead to a situation of orofacial pain.

Temporomandibular disorders.

The temporomandibular disorders are those related to craniofacial problems, which cause pain, bruxism, headache, difficult chewing, jaw mobility, etc.


We make all our prosthetic treatments with special attention to the way that these will relate to the other components of your mouth, our goal is make a prosthesis that allows you to eat again with comfort and smile with confidence.