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Prosthetic rehabilitation is a treatment designed to restore lost tissue, in our case the most usual are missing teeth, by custom made medical devices for both «fixed» (which can not be removed by the patient) and «removable «(which can be removed by the patient without the intervention the dentist) prosthesis.

If patients do not we replace missing teeth, displacement of adjacent teeth and / or antagonists to fill the gap, with consequent reduction in both aesthetics and function may occur. In addition, you can increase the incidence of injuries such as tooth decay and even favor the loss of more teeth.

The most common types of prostheses are:

  • Fixed Prosthesis:

– Crowns. Over implants or teeth

– Bridges. Over implants or teeth

– Laminated ceramic Fronts (» Ceramic veneers»). On teeth

  • Removable Prosthetics:

Removable Partial Prothesis. Usually retained on teeth

Complete Prothesis. Over implants or teeth